About Us

Welcome to The Armory. A hybrid agency partner integrating digital, social, experiential and video production. All under one roof. Consider us 'Special Ops.' A strategic and scalable team of specialists fighting the false ideal that strength is in numbers.

Our culture is best summed up in one word. Passion. Our borderline obsession with belief, commitment and determination is present in every strategic thought, creative design, piece of copy and filmed frame. Passion keeps us up at night and energizes us for the day ahead. It drives us to commute from LA to OC, take the red-eye and be ready for 5:00AM conference calls. It’s the Litmus Test for every employee. It can’t be absent, faked or phoned in. Ever. It is the fuel of creativity and innovation. It is The Armory's lifeblood.

Our Focus: Sell to the Sold

In an age of over-commercialization, marketers must embrace the fact that what others say about their brand is now more important than what the brand says about itself. The traditional marketing model was born from an era when consumers relied on advertisers to inform them. Today, that role has shifted to social media circles and 'word of click.' It’s time we reconsider the influence funnel and turn fans into a media channel. Fans are the 'new media.'