Featured Project

Showcasing the Fiat 500 & Dodge Dart:

Activation: An immersive multi-market college campus tour coordinated with local dealers featuring 'slacklining' and vehicle exploration displays and specialists.

Results: ~30,000 students were introduced to the brands, 3,872 handraisers exceeding the goal of 2,100 leads were delivered. Two markets held ride and drives which generated 300 test drives.

Experiential (Event Marketing)

Experiential (Event Marketing)

In a day and age when traditional media has lost its influence on today’s Youth, personal experiences with brands have become paramount. Therefore, we are big believers in peer-to-peer marketing and spend a lot of time building brand experiences that will influence consideration... the types of experiences that engage people on their terms and manufacture a positive, lasting brand memory.

We’re not fans of slapping banners on an existing event property and calling that experiential marketing. Rather, our executions have historically included one-off display experiences, mobile tours, campus tours and a variety of guerilla-based activations. All of this is wrapped up with measurement and KPI’s in mind to drive CRM, store traffic and handraisers.