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Well placed product and brand integrations is a non-traditional method to borrow credibility as well as increase consideration. Watch Rihanna rock the new 4 Door Jeep Wrangler in a recent music video.

Influencer Marketing (Non-Traditional)

Influencer Marketing (Non-Traditional)

Some of the most memorable and powerful executions we've created have had little to do with traditional media and more to do with a creative way to deliver a relevant message. Cutting through advertising noise has never been a problem for The Armory.

Fortunately, our relationships stretch deep into the entertainment business leaving one degree of separation between us and most athletes, musicians and opinion leaders. And although today’s Youth are extremely skeptical to the blatant endorsement, a strategically well-crafted influencer execution has been known to perform better than a primetime TV spot. The Armory has been on the forefront of strategic product integration and maintains relationships with both artist and network to generate a powerful and measurable outcome.