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The Armory designs, develops and maintains the social media presence for numerous brands, including Wilson Baseball featured in this video and seen at

Social Media (Development, Servicing, Monitoring)

Social Media (Development, Servicing, Monitoring)

Successful social media execution requires the same level of expertise that is applied to television, radio or print advertising. This means strategy, planning, creative development, communications and analytics. This medium requires so much more than merely managing a community. And that’s where we come in.

The Armory is an expert within this space and is trusted to develop and execute strategies that build brand equity and drive sales. From strategists and analysts to community managers, we actively engage across numerous platforms on behalf of brands, while listening and monitoring thousands of contextual conversations.

We’ve grown many brands’ social execution from scratch, while others have turned their existing social media audiences over to us in order to achieve better results. Both approaches always start after we’ve created a strategy that outlines benchmarks and success metrics that can be measured, as well as a communications strategy and content calendar that is aligned with the brand.